This company aims to at all instances ensure giving back to the communities of the Western Cape, whether it is through tangible products and services, opportunities, or indirect ways.

Through all our events, both in our own capacity as well as those of our clients, we want to instil a ethos of Social warmth and inclusion, ideally realising the core uniqueness of being South African, living in South Africa, loving South Africa.

AK Concepts’ Business Principles

  • Every event is important
  • Every person on earth is a client to us
  • Affordability matters
  • Quality should never be compromised
  • Every moment is life changing

AK Concepts vision is to holistically create an events company that not only forges profit making partnerships and agreements within the business sector, but look beyond just ensuring an event has been successfully executed. We strive for an excellence that precedes monetary terms, but looks at the opportunities for all of civil society, from a cleaner, to a young artist, to a graphic design student at college or university. We will bring about social warmth through every event we do.